Quality Management System is designed to provide a framework to guide organization towards continual improvement and achievement of customer satisfaction. The basic intention behind this standard is to provide the universal baseline for quality management, which can be used by companies around the word. This has become the most widely used quality management system in the world.

Benefits of ISO 9001

  • Edges over competitors who are not accredit.
  • Increased customer confidence and international acceptance.
  • Structure the operations of the organization to achieve desired results.
  • Helps to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

Major Findings

The top 3 reasons for getting certification were externally oriented:

  1. enhancing the company image,
  2. responding to customer demand, and
  3. getting ‘preferred supplier’ status.

Top internal reasons were to establish better control over business operations, and to provide a foundation for continuous improvement.

The major benefits reported were in relations with their customers, management of business processes, management of business knowledge and information, and in organization strategy & culture, such as improving their managerial policies & procedures.